Road Haulage

Northgate Integrated Services Inc. offer unparalleled timely road transportation logistics services with great efficiency, reliability, promptness and value for your business.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we meticulously plan and optimize transportation routes to minimize costs and reduce transit times. Our route optimization strategies consider factors such as distance, traffic patterns, and regulatory requirements to deliver optimal results.


Ocean Freight

We partnering with reliable and reputable ocean freight carriers and vessels. We thoroughly vet potential partners to ensure they have a proven track record of safety, security, and on-time delivery.

Leveraging advanced technology solutions such as GPS tracking, cargo monitoring systems, and electronic documentation platforms can enhance visibility and security throughout the supply chain. These technologies enable real-time tracking of shipments and provide alerts in case of any security breaches or deviations from the planned route.

Air services

Air Freight

We partner with reputable airlines and air freight carriers to ensure an efficient and timely delivery of your goods. The partners were chosen based on their track records of punctuality, safety, and security.

Recognizing that each client may have unique requirements, we offer customized logistics solutions tailored to their specific needs. This might include expedited shipping options, temperature-controlled transportation for perishable goods, or specialized handling for high-value cargo.

We provide transparent pricing structures and billing practices to ensure that our clients understand the costs associated with their air shipments.

Customized delivery

Express Delivery

We also provide expedited or accelerated shipping of goods and packages. It’s designed for shipments that require fast delivery within a shorter timeframe compared to standard shipping methods.

It enables businesses meet tight deadlines, respond quickly to customer demands, and minimize disruption of supply chain.

Cargo express services play a crucial role in industries where time-sensitive shipments are common, such as e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive sectors.


Customs Duty

At Northgate Integrated Services Inc., we understand the complexities and challenges associated with customs clearance and duty payment processes. That’s why we are pleased to offer comprehensive assistance to streamline these critical aspects of international trade.

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to facilitating smooth and efficient customs clearance for your shipments, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements. Whether your goods are crossing borders or entering new markets, we leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to navigate the intricacies of customs procedures on your behalf.