About Us

Northgate Integrated Services Inc. is an export logistics company with over three years of experience. The company specializes in seamlessly connecting businesses with international markets.

The business provides logistics services to different customers for goods purchased in Canada to be exported overseas. Northgate also engages in buying and exporting used auto parts. Our in-depth understanding of supply chain dynamics and keen insight into finance enables us to provide tailored solutions that streamline the export process and maximize efficiency.

Our Services:

Global Freight Forwarding Intermediary: We offer comprehensive freight forwarding services, ensuring your goods reach their international destinations reliably and on time. We manage and coordinate the transportation of goods from one location to another across international borders. We plan, organize, and oversee various logistical activities required to move products from their origin to their destination.

We act as facilitators between the shippers and carriers (such as trucking companies, towing companies, and Freight forwarders/shipping lines). We determine the most suitable shipping lines for different goods and destinations.

Customs Clearance: Our team of experts-built relationships overseas and can assist clients in navigating the complex landscape of customs regulation, ensuring smooth clearance for your exports. We manage customs procedures and ensure that goods comply with the export and import regulations of the destination country.

Supply Chain Optimization: Leveraging our extensive experience, we optimize your supply chain to reduce costs, enhance visibility, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Sourcing and Inspection of Used Auto Parts: Our experts meticulously source and inspect used parts to ensure they meet our strict quality standards before being prepared for export to clients’ destinations. Our dedicated team assists clients in finding the right spare parts, providing technical guidance, and addressing concerns from customers.

Our rigorous inspection process guarantees that every spare part we offer is in excellent condition and ready for use. With our years of experience, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of used auto spare parts, making a reliable source for most oversea customers in Africa.

Comprehensive Inventory: We maintain a vast inventory of spare parts for various makes and models, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. We have business relationships that allow us to keep inventory reasonably before the goods are prepared for export.

Auto parts Export: We facilitate the export of these parts to customers.