At Northgate Integrated Services Inc., we have a management team made up of individuals with top notch experience in logistics and retail trade. Our team consists of financial experts and business administrators with track records of over 15 years on international logistics.

Our management embodies integrity, expertise, and dedication to excellence. They possess deep knowledge of logistics operations, ensuring efficient and reliable service delivery. Our proactive approach, innovative solutions, and commitment to continuous improvement set us apart in the logistics industry.

Clients can trust us to handle their logistics business with precision, professionalism, and a relentless focus on delivering optimal results, every step of the way.


Team of Talents

We work with different teams/individuals part-time and have built strong relationships with this team. We have partnered with trucking companies within Atlantic Canada, and they have provided excellent services in picking and delivering our goods to various seaports/warehouses.

We also work with top-rated freight forwarders in preparing our inventory for export.  We partner with the best auto salvage yards in sourcing, loading, and transporting our goods to different locations for export.